A zero-waste bioenergy crop for efficient conversion of plant raw materials

into diverse industrial and energy products:

seed oil for Biodiesel
biomass with a high carbohydrates content for 1G Bioethanol
biomass with high energy-rich hydrocarbon content for Biocrude
lignocellulosic residue for 2G Bioethanol and other uses

A feedstock endowed with a high energy potential


The biomass feedstock can be produced at low cost, in significantly higher quantities,
and with properties suitable for efficient conversion




High biomass yield
> 80 Tn/Ha (ca. 22 Tn dry matter/Ha)


The refined Lignocelullosic Residue (ca. 64% w/w)


A Biomass containing 27% (w/w) water soluble sugars
(Glu/Fru/Suc) + Starch.

Compatible with microbial growth and fermentation technologies in the BioEtOH refineries.
A yield of ca. 2700 L/Ha of 1G BioEtOH is estimated to be easily reached; this to be added to the 2G BioEtOH to be derived from the lignocellulosic residue by saccharification

Higher sugar content/yield varieties are in progress


Biomass with 6% (w/w) Hydrocarbons (BIOCRUDE)
(or >18 % (w/w) upon application of Xylina owned SY21 Technology)
1.1 to 3.3 Tn Biocrude/Ha

The Biocrude can be processed by cracking, as if crude oil, and it is absolutely compatible for blending purposes with fossil fuels

Higher hydrocarbon content/yield varieties are in progress