Xylina is an innovative seed company based in Spain, active in research, plant breeding, seed production and processing of the Energy crop Euphorbia lathyris.

The company´s strategic focus is to develop plant biotechnologies and improved varieties of this crop, targeting novel traits with added value to meet the present and future demand of the Bioenergy sector, with special emphasis on Biofuels.

Xylina has strong research collaborations with leading research institutions on plant biotechnology in Europe, and in particular with the CSIC, the major public R+D institution in Spain, in purpose of developing new non-food industrial crops entirely dedicated to the Bioenergy industrial sector.

We create and develop new varieties of E. lathyris with a significant contribution of the biomass and feedstock value chain satisfying the bioenergy customer´s need for quality, quantity and high content of energy carriers. We try to combine these characters with high yield and environmental friendly cultivation and processing of the plant and the raw materials, respectively.

Our goal is to make E. lathyris, and its derived industrial bioproducts,  pivotal players for the development of Renewable Energies and Biofuel-related industries as major player implementing the Bioeconomy sector in developing countries. We pretend making E. lathyris a dedicated energy crop to fuel the path towards a carbon neutral economy.

Research on E. lathyris is the core of Xylina and its mission.

The bioproducts and energy carriers present in the biomass and seeds of E. lathyris can easily be converted into biofuels by using existing accessible mature technologies.


We cooperate and are willing to establish alliances with Bioenergy´s stakeholders to propel innovative projects
and create new business based on the exploitation of the biomass and raw materials derived from E. lathyris.

You will get agronomic and technological assistance on the crop,
its cultivation and downstream processing of the biomass.

We provide seeds of our improved elite lines.

 Together we will make concrete progress in Bioenergy to foster future developments in the sector of Renewable Energies.

We do research on E. lathyris; our strategic focus is to develop new varieties with novel traits having high added value
that meets the present and future demands of the customers in the Bioenergy sector.